Field Supervisor

Salary Range: $14.82 – $18.12
Department: Field Staff
Reports to: Project Supervisor/Operations Manager


This person has some control over their schedule. They exist to ensure our day to day field operations run smoothly. They will also be capable of leading IMS’s largest jobs. They will need to be available to go out of town and run jobs smoothly with little to no supervision. They are a go to person for help with jobs. They will also have a key role in training.

This person will be expected to uphold IMS standards and discipline in the field. This is not an exhaustive list of expectations.

Essential Functions/Percentage of Time Spent on Each:

1. Managing/Influencing/Teaching other leads: 45%
2. Leading your crew to complete jobs: 20%
3. Moving items varying in size, shape, and weight: 20%
4. Driving to and from locations: 10%
5. Cleaning trucks and facility: 5%

Other Functions:

1. Participating in group meetings
2. Training exercises
3. One on one/development meetings with managers and supervisors.


Full time flexible

Your work day is variable!! For example you may arrive for work at 6:00am on Monday and then 12:00pm on Tuesday etc….

Minimum Job Requirements:

Specific Skills:
Specialized Knowledge, Licenses, Ect. : Drivers License and clean driving record.
Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift 75 lbs
Must be able to pass a drug screening and background check successfully

Preferred Job Requirements:

Specific Skills:
Specialized Knowledge, Licenses, etc.: Thorough understanding of tools, how to use them, and an aptitude for building.

Working Conditions:

Outside 50% of the time, often times no air conditioning, on your feet all day, physical labor, must be able to lift 75 lbs on your own, working at constructions sites, walking long distances every day, pushing heavy items long distances, hot and cold environments, conditions are subject to change depending on the job site.

Uniform Requirements:

Blue work pants
Safety toed work boots
IMS will provide a shirt to be worn


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