Innovative Moving Systems has a wide range of service offerings designed to meet our customers’ varied needs.

Commercial moves involve a lot of complicated details, luckily, Innovative Moving Systems offers a variety of specialized services that cater to an array of potential customer needs. It’s our goal to help our clients make the most out of their move, because we understand that having too much downtime can lead to lost sales and a dent to your bottom line. This is why we specialize in moving a variety of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, education, laboratories, small businesses, and more. In addition, we provide auxiliary services to help our customers’ moves get completed in a smooth, timely, and thorough manner. From furniture assembly to final mile delivery, Innovative Moving Systems will handle every aspect of your commercial move so you don’t have to! Learn more about our services below, or reach out to us today to get started!

To learn more about how we can help your commercial business make the next move your best move, see the other services we offer below or call us today at (505) 503-1352 to get started!

Office Moving

Innovative Moving Systems is a top tier office mover. For a typical office move, we first meet with the customer to get an idea of what their main concerns are and how they want us to interface with their process. After touring their current facility, we are then able to submit a proposal that is tailored to the specific requirements of each customer’s office move. Once we are awarded the job, IMS begins the project management process. We assign one project manager to every job to act as a single point of contact that bridges the gap between our customers and our crews. This project manager works closely with the customer’s employee in charge of overseeing the move to develop specific schedules, phasing plans, and make recommendations about how to streamline the move process. Our project managers also provide training to our customers’ staff to familiarize them with the equipment and materials that will be used during their move, teach them how to pack, and answer any questions they may have.

On certain projects it makes sense to “pre-move” certain items that are not essential for the daily operations of an organization. This might be a supply room that is rarely accessed, an area for archived files, or any other group of items that can be moved ahead of the main move. Pre-moves minimize the amount of items that will be moved during the main move, which reduces the risk of something going wrong once the customer has “pulled the plug” on their operations at the old facility and are in the process of transitioning to their new facility. Much of our planning for the move is centered around minimizing the downtime that a company deals with while they are moving. Pre-moves can help keep the downtime low, as well as developing realistic phasing plans, which allow smaller groups of employees to transition together while the rest of the employees stay working. We also do a large amount of work on the weekends and during the evenings, which helps businesses remain operational during business hours.

Systems / Case Good Furniture Installation

IMS employs installers that specialize in the disassembly and reassembly of furniture of all varieties. Our installers can provide assembly services for new furniture, cubicles, warehouse racking, casegoods, and panel systems. They can also disassemble existing furniture and racking and reinstall the items at a new location. In addition to furniture, our installers are trained in installing other items like fixtures, whiteboards, pictures, as well as supply room and file room shelving. Having a crew of installers in house means that we can easily incorporate install services with overall moving services to provide a seamless relocation to our customers.

In addition to the relocation aspect of our installation crew, we have employees who can assess the ergonomics of a workstation and make recommendations and adjustments to items like keyboard trays, monitor arms, work surface heights, etc. We can also evaluate a workstation’s adherence to the standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as fire codes. These regulations address things like aisle widths and electrical safety.

Our project managers can help our customers plan their new space to ensure that all furniture will fit correctly and that the space is utilized as efficiently as possible. We can also coordinate freight deliveries to be sent to our warehouse for inspection and storage until the install date, or route the trucks directly to the job site to save time and money.

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Warehousing / Storage

Do you have any storage or warehousing needs? Perhaps a construction delay has pushed your move in date back, or you simply need a place to hold your items. If so, let Innovative Moving Systems help. We have plenty of space to accommodate your file cabinets, desks, chairs, credenzas, conference tables, or systems furniture. Your items will remain secure, dry, and accessible. Our warehouse is equipped with industrial size racking, overhead doors, loading docks, as well as a forklift for those extra heavy items. We can also arrange to deliver your product when you are ready for it or you can pick it up from our warehouse.

Reconfiguration / Remodel

IMS is a valuable partner on almost any construction project. Obviously we move organizations into newly constructed buildings, but our service does not stop there. We have been hired on numerous remodel projects to move out all of the furniture and contents from a given area so that the general contractor can work with the other trades to replace paint, wallpaper, carpet, HVAC, etc. Space is often limited on projects like this so a phasing plan and swing space must be planned for. The methods and processes developed by IMS to account for all items in an ongoing project like a remodel allow us to provide efficient service that adds value to the entire project. Whether we work as a subcontractor of the general contractor or directly for the tenant, we bring a unique expertise and understanding of the construction project to the team that can truly benefit everyone.

Project Management

Although our project management services are typically incorporated with some other aspect of our service (such as moving or installations), we take it seriously enough that it deserves to be discussed on its own. Most moving companies send out a salesman to quote a move and then the customer never sees anyone from the moving company again until move day. We believe that it is irresponsible to send out a crew to a jobsite when they are uninformed of the unique needs of the customer, and unfamiliar with the project. Our project managers spend time ahead of move day to plan for things like building protection, reserving elevators, allocating equipment and other resources, and taking measurements to ensure good building access.

Not having enough door stops (or no doorstops at all), forgetting to bring a curb plate to deal with the bump in the sidewalk, and other similar mistakes can be costly in terms of lost time and damage. Our project managers oversee all aspects of the move from an “execution” standpoint which allows them to foresee potential problems and provide solutions before they have any negative impact.

Our project managers are some of the most experienced commercial movers in the state and their knowledge is a valuable asset to every one of our customers. Our project managers are present during planning meetings before the job ever happens, and they are present after a job to follow up and ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and to our customers’ satisfaction. In addition to working on a project before and after move day, our project managers spend the majority of their time in the field on moves, which means that our customers can look to them to make the necessary adjustments to deal with changing conditions (which can include everything from bad weather to an elevator malfunctioning), that inevitable arise during a move. Simply sending a supervisor who is seeing the move for the first time on move day is not enough. In addition, sometimes jobs are quoted by a salesman weeks, or even months, ahead of the actual move day. A lot can change leading up to move day and our project managers’ job is to make the necessary changes to items like crew size and required equipment to ensure that we are ready to take care of your move in the best possible way.

Receiving / Distribution

IMS is often approached by companies who have a variety products that are vital to their daily operations, but no place to keep them at their facility. Arrangements can be made for IMS to receive these products directly from the supplier (store the product for any period of time if necessary), and then deliver them out at customer’s request. IMS can generally dispatch these delivery crews within a few hours of notice. With timely service like this it makes IMS an incredible resource for our customers. We can provide these services for a variety of companies and any product imaginable.
Furthermore, these services can also be useful for new furniture. As online ordering has become more and more popular, furniture is being purchased from all over the world. By utilizing a third party like IMS to coordinate the receiving, delivery, and installation of these items it can eliminate a lot of stress. Have the product shipped to us and simply let us know when you’re ready for it.

Small Business &
Corporate Moving

Innovative Moving Systems has the experience and resources to service small businesses, large corporations, and everything in between.

Government Office

IMS has had the opportunity to move a number of government agencies. Our crews have completed projects for federal, state, city, and county entities.

What Makes Us Different

Innovative Moving Systems is a company that is centered on the idea that moving services should not fall under the umbrella of “unskilled services”. We believe that there is a right and a wrong way to go about moving an organization. We want to provide white collar service in an industry that has typically been classified as employing a blue collar workforce.

Every day we live up to our name: we provide innovative answers to our customers’ problems by implementing the most creative and unique systems available in the moving industry. Our experience includes work with office furniture, files, libraries, laboratories, hospitals, schools, universities, warehouses, and call centers, to name a few. In addition, we employ a skilled group of installers that specialize in working with cubicles, systems furniture, fixtures, and shelving. Regardless of the situation, our team is capable of planning and executing a move with the most careful attention to detail. Moving a commercial organization is no small task, and we believe it should be taken seriously. We would love to work with you as a mover, consultant, and partner on your next relocation.



We offer professional installation services for small to large offices, including freestanding and modular workstation furniture.



From your new hotel to your next renovation project, IMS will help you with receiving, delivering, warehousing, and installing!



We have extensive experience moving many educational facilities, including elementary schools, high schools, and universities.



Our expert movers have the skills to move any healthcare facility such as medical offices, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.



We have moved some of the country’s brightest minds. We take extreme care while moving valuable laboratory equipment.


Industrial and
Warehouse Moving

Let us cover the heavy lifting for your truck and car dealerships, service departments, third party logistics, and more!



We have the required security clearances & background checks to move all government agencies, including city, state, or county.


Small Business / Corporate Moving

Time is money! Let the crew at IMS eliminate costly downtime and move your small business or corporate entity in a timely manner.



From flat screen wall mounting to organizing your office, we will make sure your workspace is functional after your move.



Final Mile

Once your items have been transported to us, we take care of the final mile; making sure they get delivered safely and are carefully assembled and installed!



From long and short term storage to inventory management and delivery, our warehousing services make storing and distributing products easier than ever!