Sr. Lead

Salary Range: $18.50 – $22.00
Department: Field Staff
Reports to: Operations Manager


This person is highly proficient in all IMS Service lines. They have an understanding of how to lead all types of IMS projects including our largest jobs. They consistently have 6-10 people on their crews and can lead jobs up to 16 people. They are very good at evaluating the abilities of the members of their crew and can put them in positions to succeed. They have great customer service skills and can be relied upon to handle the most difficult IMS jobs. When others work with or around this person they are better than they are alone. They make the people around them better.

They are seasoned vet’s and help the PMs, OM, and WM with their jobs. They are able to fix many problems in the field before they arise and can see several steps ahead in preventing future issues. They are very valuable assets to IMS as the best Technical Experts we have.

This person’s main focus is satisfying customer expectations and maximizing efficiency while leading IMS crews.

Position Summary:

As a Sr. Lead you will report on a daily basis according to the dispatch message. You will arrive early to gain necessary information for the day’s task. You will gather and prep your crew once they arrive, then provide them with a pre mission briefing to get everyone on the same page. You will then depart to your destination. Once there your primary responsibilities are to coordinate with the customer to ensure they are 100% pleased with the move, coordinate with your crew, direct them to accomplish the assigned job, ensure all safety standards are being adhered to, and communicate all necessary information to the appropriate persons. You are directly responsible for ensuring that the job is completed on time and on budget.

While there, you will be required to move objects varying is size and weight. These items may be moved to a different location on site, loaded on our trucks to be moved to a different location, or be thrown out in appropriate dumpsters. You may be required to work at multiple locations during your work day. You may also be tasked with helping in building and installing various furniture. During the move you will be responsible for all paperwork being fully completed and accurate.

Upon finishing the assigned job you will return to the warehouse where you and your crew will unload and clean out your truck. You will put away all equipment that was used for the day ensuring you are leaving a clean work environment for the following day. You will double check that all paperwork was completed and turn it in to your project manager, at which time you will relay pertinent information regarding the job. Once your days work is complete you will check in with the operations manager to ensure there is no other work to be done that day, inform them of any personnel issues, and then clock out for the day. You will be the last one to leave on your crew.


Full time flexible

Your work day is variable!! For example you may arrive for work at 6:00 am on Monday and then 8:00 am on Tuesday etc….

Essential Functions/Percentage of Time Spent on Each:

1. Leading your crew to complete jobs: 40%
2. Moving items varying in size, shape, and weight: 40%
3. Driving to and from locations: 10%
4. Cleaning trucks and facility: 5%

Other Functions:

1. Participating in group meetings
2. Training exercises
3. One on one/development meetings with managers and supervisors.

Minimum Job Requirements:

Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent
Experience: 5+ years leading teams of at least 6 people
Specific Skills: Leadership, Big Picture thinking, Great Customer Service, Communication, Attention to Detail
Specialized Knowledge, Licenses, etc.: Drivers License and clean driving record. Basic set of Tools

Preferred Job Requirements:

All Minimum Requirements plus the following:
Education: Some college/technical training
Experience: 7-10 Years leading teams of 10+ people
Specific Skills: Building Furniture, Installing Systems Furniture, Driving box trucks
Specialized Knowledge, Licenses, etc.: Thorough understanding of tools, how to use them, and an aptitude for building.

Working Conditions:

Outside 50% of the time, often times no air conditioning, on your feet all day, physical labor, must be able to lift 75 lbs on your own, working at constructions sites, walking long distances every day, pushing heavy items long distances, hot and cold environments, conditions are subject to change depending on the job site.

Uniform Requirements:

Blue work pants
Safety toed work boots
IMS will provide a shirt to be worn


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