A well-known office mover is moving itself by Biz Journals

Innovative Moving Systems, which has moved plenty of offices around town, is moving itself from the North I-25 area to northwest Albuquerque.

The company is more than doubling its warehouse and offices to 15,000 square feet at 7500 Meridian Place NW, near Unser Boulevard and Interstate 40.

Brandon Moss, the company’s director of business development, said Innovative Moving Systems needed a building with more space for its storage and warehousing business. It’s begun to diversify its services after seeing a huge increase in business in 2013; 70 percent growth between 2013 and 2014; and staying consistent from 2014 through this year.

Innovative Moving Systems has moved many Albuquerque businesses, from law firms to medical offices and retail spaces. Some of its bigger clients include Rodey Law Firm, Lavu Inc., Gap when it moved out of Downtown to its North I-25 building, and Molina Healthcare of New Mexico’s move from North I-25 to Downtown.

“We’re starting to diversify our services, getting into more receiving and distribution work, which are requiring more square footage of warehouse,” Moss said. “The new facility is going to open a lot of new doors for us to serve customers in [ways] we haven’t been able to do before. We hope with going into the new building that it’s going to position us well for future growth.”

Moss said the company looked at other warehouse and office spaces around Albuquerque, but ultimately chose the Westside because the lease prices were less expensive than staying in Journal Center.

Innovative Moving Systems has eight full-time office employees, and could have as many as 50 people who work on the moving trucks during the summer months.

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